Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally got the contract today

Finally got the offical copy of our contract today from Statesman, and a letter stating that it would be about 3 weeks while they draw up our plans, then 3 weeks while the engineer works out our footing costs from the plans on our block. So 6 weeks before anything is going to happen! Then after that they will call us in to do colour selections, then maybe 6 weeks after that something might start happening. *fingers crossed*

We got the offical colour selection guide however.

We also got an extra 30 days on the settlement of the land. So hopefully we will have the bank pack from Statesman the week before the land settles. It is going to be tight, if we can get the bank pack from them before the land settles it means less hassle with the bank. So might start calling Statesman again and see if I can get them to hurry along a little. I don't like my chances however.

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