Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chasing down our sales consultant

After leaving a few voicemail messages I finally got hold of our Sales Consultant today.
He has asked after our contract *yay* it has gone through (as he didn't have it sent back to him) *yay* and the house plans are being drawn up *yay*. I asked about the engineers report, he said that they won't do that until we have seen and agreed to the master plans *boo*.

So now we are waiting for the elusive plans to be drawn up. I wonder if they post them out to us? or if we have to go in and see them?

I mentioned that since we are building the same house just about everyone else builds should not the plans be pretty much done already. He left me with the distinct impression that they had signed up a huge number of people lately to build houses and that I had to understand that these things take time :(

So now I am waiting again.

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