Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Stovetop Kettle

Hubby rang all excited from Big W the other day "I think I have found you a kettle" he surely had, and it was only $20.

I love it, love it, love it. It whistles and everything. I've packed the electric one away !

The kids were sick on Friday, so I took the chance to let me fingers do the walking and find somewhere to get the kids towels embroided with there names.
So the new towels are up!

I also got a mirror for the frame for my daughters room. I will post a piccie of it up later when Hubby puts it up for me.  

I am off to Ikea to get a few floating shelves for her room so we can put the mirror up with a shelf under it.


  1. The kettle looks cool. I've always wanted a stove-top kettle. Do they take long to boil or about the same time as an electric one?

  2. It doesn't take long at all. I would say it takes maybe a minute longer then an electric one. What I like though, is that you can't forget you have put the kettle on. With the electric one you walk away do something else and get distracted and never get around to having that cuppa! But the whistling kettle brings you back and you stop and make a coffee! It slows life down a little.

  3. oo shiny red kettle well done hubby. I think that's a gorgeous bedspread. :)

    Is that going to be a long veggie patch in the backyard or for other plants? What do you plan to plant there?

  4. kexkez - yepp vegies and fruit trees!

  5. hey, can you please tell me where you got the salt and pepper grinders??
    thank you

  6. Hi Shan,

    They are Russel and Hobbs grinders, we got them in the after Christmas sales from Harris Scarfs here in Adelaide.